Pressure point massage Treatment – Wellbeing in Your Grasp and Feet

Pressure point massage Treatment was known in India even 5000 years prior, lamentably, it was not protected as expected and went to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as Needle therapy. From Sri Lanka, this treatment was taken to China and Japan by Buddhist priests or traveling Aryans took it there and at present China is instructing Needle therapy to the world. This treatment was known to Red Indians way, harking back to the sixteenth century. In the 20th century, investigates have been made in USA which has contributed enormously to the advancement of this treatment. It is drilled by numerous allopathic and naturopathic specialists there, presently the World Wellbeing Association, also has focused on this basic and simple treatment.

“Pressure point massage” is identified with “Needle therapy.” Acu mean a needle and Cut means to puncture. Needle therapy implies the specialty of treating infections by penetrating explicit focuses in the body. Pressure point massage implies the craft of treating sicknesses by applying tension on explicit focuses with the assistance of one’s thumb, figure or jimmy (wooden or elastic stick).


The reason for Pressure point massage is to advance the body’s own mending power. At the point when key pressure point massage focuses on the outer layer of skin are squeezed, solid strain is delivered, and the flow of blood and the body indispensable life energy, which the Chinese call “chi” energy, is advanced. Pressure point massage can be utilized to treat various conditions; among them are impacts of day by day stress, migraines, neck and shoulder torment, a throbbing painfulness, sensitivities, feminine troubles, weakness, tension and back torment and so forth


Pressure point massage ought not be utilized for specific conditions that requires clinical consideration, for example, genuine as genuine consumes, ulcers or diseases. Alert ought to be taken with the utilization of stomach pressure focuses, particularly when the patient is debilitated and the stomach region is to be kept away from when the patient has a hazardous disease, like digestive malignancy or a pregnancy.


Pressure point massage utilizes pressure typically applied with the thumb, fingers or pressure point massage gadget called jimmy. The blockage of energy along these meridians can cause actually distress, agony, pressure and stress. The incitement focuses eliminates blockage by loosening up muscles, and permitting blood to stream all the more unreservedly. It can likewise free a passionate square by delivering collected pressure. The strain may likewise deliver lactic corrosive that aggregates in muscle tissues. Lactic corrosive is delivered by muscles during overwhelming activity, and it is generally eliminated from the blood by the liver. It can anyway amass in the muscle. In the west, the different frameworks of pressure point massage are being used today including:

Acu-Yoga: An arrangement of entire body stretches and Yoga acts that press and initiate focuses on the meridian channels.

Jin Shin Jyutsu: An arrangement of self improvement pressure point massage that includes delicate contacting of the body as opposed to knead likes developments.

Do-In: An arrangement of self pressure point massage, which includes rubbing meridian focuses and muscles and furthermore incorporates profound breathing and activities developments and extending.

Shiatsu: An incredible procedure that includes cadenced squeezing of pressure point massage focuses.

During pressure point massage light to medium tension is applied on pressure point massage focuses and it is pivoted in a tight circle. Basically, this is finished with the fingers, thumbs and hands. At times the elbows or knees are utilized for key tension focuses. Since the most receptive focuses are delicate or touchy when squeezed, this reaction assists with deciding the right area. In the event that the reaction can’t be felt, the tension point area may not be right or the strain may not be sufficient. The sensation felt during a pressure point massage treatment should fall somewhere close to joy and torment.

Three-Crease Advantages of Pressure point massage:

Conclusion: Moment and legitimate finding – clinical exam with no tests.

Fix: Fix of a wide range of infections including that of malignant growth/mind issues.

Anticipation: Avoidance of a wide range of sicknesses incorporates heart issue, loss of motion and even disease.

From The View Point of Wellbeing the World Could Be Separated Into:

Around 60% – those individuals (counting those to be conceived) who are sound yet responsible to get infections. With the normal pressure point massage treatment, their disease can be forestalled.

Around 25% – Those individuals who are enduring at present can be relieved absent a lot of cost with the assistance of this science and kept from becoming sick once more.

Around 15% – Who needs clinical support, medication and medical procedure. There are sufficient experts and emergency clinics on the planet that can deal with these individuals. A short time later they can likewise be kept from becoming sick with the utilization of Pressure point massage Treatment.

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